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Our Vision

In the remote Romanian village of Petrinzel, a variety of seeds are collected, multiplied, and passed on.

In the region shaped by wild nature, folklore, and history, people are experiencing difficult times due to unemployment and emigration. We are creating new opportunities to ensure the livelihood of the population and enable self-sufficiency. The project team has decades of experience in horticulture and marketing of plants, an inexhaustible motivation to live in harmony with nature, and a deep love for Petrinzel.

We are actively committed to rebuilding village life. We know the villagers well, understand their needs and concerns. We have successfully implemented several projects of high social relevance. Among the members, there is also an upcycling artist, a medical student, engineers, and gardeners. All project initiators have a strong desire for a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Together, we seek and find ways to re-establish ecological agriculture in our homeland.

Who we are

  • As the initiator of the project, she advocates for the preservation of old vegetable, medicinal plant, and fruit varieties. With her knowledge in herbal pedagogy, she has created a botanical garden where she offers tours for those interested.

    Andrea designed the Humus gardens, which serve as propagation, exhibition, self-sufficiency, market, and biodiversity spaces. Here, she uses organic, regenerative farming methods. Andrea collects and preserves old, regional varieties. She is keen to share her knowledge about seed propagation, herbs, and healthy nutrition at events organized by the Humus association.

    She hopes that more and more people will become interested in seed propagation in their own gardens, organic farming, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Tobias is a gardener, educator, doer, and storyteller. Currently, he works as a teacher in Cluj-Napoca and spends much of his free time gardening at Casa Verde 110 in Petrinzel. Tobias believes in the power of communities to create and learn together, especially when it comes to ecological change.

    Within Humus, Tobi, in addition to his role as secretary, will be responsible for transforming the gardens into learning spaces for children, teenagers, and adults of all age groups, especially for those who are curious and interested in gardening.