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Einkorn ears stand prominently in the foreground of the picture. They are backlit by a bright blue sky. The einkorn appears in rich green with golden tips and gives the image of a healthy and blooming plant.

Single grain

Triticum monococcum L.

Sowing: February or autumn. In Țara Călatei (Kalotaszeg) it was used mainly as cattle feed, sometimes as human food. In Petrinzel it was grown until 1950.

  • FamilyPoaeceae
  • Life cycle1
  • Art of reproductiongenerative
  • Isolation distance1 m
  • Minimum number of plants (necessary to preserve the properties of the variaty)1 m²
  • Germination capacity5-8 years
  • PollinationSelf-fertilization
  • UseCattle feed, Kitchen