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Would you like to contribute with what you can to the activity of the Humus Association?

  • Are you an employee, a pensioner with income over 2000 ron/month or do you have other income from independent activities, income from intellectual property or the transfer of the use of goods in Romania?

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could redirect 3.5% of your income tax for the year 2024.

    With this simple gesture, you lend us a helping hand and provide much-needed financial resources for this small but growing association. This way you will also contribute to saving the old varieties of vegetables and fruits. From the funds received, we will grow new plants, we will continue to keep the precious seeds in the seed bank in optimal conditions, we will plant trees, we will organize events where you will be able to taste dishes from old varieties of fruits and vegetables.

    If you have decided to redirect to us 3.5% of your income tax, then please fill in form 230 below, complete with the details of the Humus Association (included in the pre-filled form) and then submit it in paper format at the registry office of the competent fiscal body (ANAF where you belong). You can also submit online through the Virtual Private Space (Spațiul Privat Virtual). It can also be submitted via the portal, by using a qualified digital certificate. Or by mail, individually, with acknowledgment of receipt;

    Don't forget the submission deadline is May 25, 2025!

    If you are not sure where you have to submit physically, see below the ANAF locations in Romania:
  • Are you a corporate tax payer or do you have a micro-enterprise in Romania?

    Sponsorship can also be offered by corporate tax payers and micro-enterprises. If you are in this category and wish to remit part of the tax then you will need to complete form 107 with the help of your accountant (see the form and filling instructions below). For this option, you will also need to conclude a sponsorship contract with the Humus Association (see sample contract below).

Details of the association below:

Asociatia Humus

CIF: 46778184


Thank you!

Bank Details


Account Holder:Asociatia Humus

Address:Strada Principala nr 98, demisol, sat Petrinzel, comuna Almașu




VAT ID:RO 50 22 670

Fiscal Code:46778184