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Illustration with a buffalo against a mountain backdrop at night, accompanied by the text 'AS FAR AS POSSIBLE' and the signature 'by Garma Landreykh', and the logo of an environmental project in the upper right corner.

Film a csűrben - Film ȋn sura

457016 Petrinzel, strada Principală nr. 31

We are screening the movie "as far as possible" English/German/Ukrainian spoken with English subtitles. There will be nibbles and drinks, feel free to bring your own (preferably homemade). The movie is a tribute to the Carpathian buffalo, this magic animal was once common in Kispetri and the wider area. Let's talk about what we still know from our parents and grandparents. Let's see if we find ambition to bring the Carpathian buffalo back to Kispetri.


The movie is made in Ukraine, the screening is sponsored by Trifolium Kajo SRL and the money goes to the needs of people in Ukraine.


Kindly let me know in a private message if you are coming and with how many people. We can host a maximum of 30 people. A donation for Humus association is always welcome.



This is a story of a young German man Michel, whose dream is to lead a simple life far from civilization. He lives in the Ukrainian mountains and is taking care of endangered animals - water buffaloes. After 10 years of being a loner, Michel falls in love with Vera, a woman from his hometown in Germany, who has two small kids from the previous relationship. Michel moves back to Germany and is trying to create a new family with Vera. After all Michel has to decide - is love worth a broken dream?