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Collage of various old Transylvanian apple varieties, with different views of the apples and their cross sections.

Old Transylvanian apple varieties - presentation and tasting

On September 26 at the Huedin market from 10-12 am in the "Organic Corner" will be organized an apple demonstration with tasting. Of course, the beautiful old varieties Batul, Ponik, Boskoop will be there, but also other valuable old apples, which fortunately can still be found in the gardens of Petrinzel: Sóvari, Lemon, Gold Parmene. Association Humus invites all participants to bring old varieties from their own gardens. The goal is to map and mark old apple trees in Kalotaszeg to provide grafting material and establish a local nursery with seedlings of strong, high quality and hardy old varieties for the "human seedlings" of Kalotaszeg.


With the support of Noah's Ark and the Gen-etic Foundation.

Andrea Tasnadi


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