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Colorful mixture of different varieties of tomatoes, including small yellow, green and large red tomatoes.


Tomato Tasting on August 5, 2023.

The Humus Association at the Mera World Music Festival (August 4-6, 2023).


With support from Noah's Ark and the Gene Ethics Foundation.


Red and round? How would you describe tomatoes?
Try red, yellow, green, purple, small, medium, large, round, oblong, heart-shaped and pear-shaped tomatoes from organic small producers in Kalotaszeg. Tell us which of the old tomato varieties you prefer, which flavor reminds you of your grandmother's garden.


Delicacies made from old vegetables will also be prepared at the festival. And in Kispetri there will be a tasting of our garden treasures at the monthly market.

Andrea Tasnadi


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