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Calendar 2024 - Old apple varieties

A calendar for the year 2024 stands in front of a wall with traditional flower paintings and a single apple in the foreground.

Old apple varieties

Kalotaszeg and surroundings

Calendar for the year 2024

These apple varieties were collected in the fall of 2023 as part of a project of Noah's Ark and Genetic Foundation (Austria). So far we have found 24 varieties in Kalotaszeg and
and its surroundings. We will continue our work to collect and grow as many historical varieties as possible for future generations. 
The names of the apple varieties come from the owners and our consultants. These names may sometimes differ from the official names of the apples or those listed in books. 
With this calendar we want to promote our old varieties and sensitize people to plant juicy, beautiful plants in their gardens again, healthy apple trees with a long history.

Three red apples lie on a white surface, two leaves and five small brown seeds are placed on separate white areas to the right.
Three red apples stand in a row against a light gray background.
Three yellow-red apples on the left, two halved apples and five apple cores on the right on a white background.
Two green leaves and a yellow lemon at the top, with five small seeds and two halves of a lemon on a white background below.
Collage of various apple pictures, including whole apples, apple halves, apple cores and leaves, with Hungarian text meaning "Old apple varieties - preserving diversity".