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May biodiversity

The humus below and the sky above, surrounded by biodiversity,
all is good.

Clear blue sky with three hawks and one small cloud.
Green vegetable patch with several plant signs and a narrow path through the field.
Dense green herbs and plants in the garden.
Fresh green spinach leaves close up.
Densely grown green herb field with a small white sign.
Neatly arranged garden beds with young plants and some white signs.
Dense greenery of lush herbs or plants.
Fresh green salad leaves in the garden.
Circular bed with young plants surrounded by stones.
A barrel of wood with young lettuce plants and white flowers in a garden.
Fresh green leaves of a plant growing from the ground.
Plant with large burgundy leaves on a grassy ground.
Densely growing green plants with a white shield on which is written 'Monk's Beard'.
Green leaves and branches with hanging buds and a single dandelion seed head in the background.
Green bulbous plant with a characteristic curved top that opens into a flower.
Fresh green lettuce leaves close up.
Sun behind clouds with a light rainbow halo.