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Seed Exchange and Fair - Kispetri, April 1, 2023

Bundle with various objects, including a mortar with pestle, a woven basket and slips of paper with handwritten notes. In the background plants and leaves are visible.
Various bakery products and milk bottles on a table, against green background.
Person in red sweater fills chestnuts into an egg carton. Next to it a bowl with chestnuts.
Two elderly women in a room. One woman is holding a bowl of sweet pastries, the other is watching. They are wearing warm clothes.
Basket with plants and papers next to an old scale on a table with jute bag.
Table with checkered tablecloth presenting various types of bread and baked goods, with black and white photographs on the wall behind.
Vendors at a stall with bags of grain and textiles while customers browse.
A wooden basket on wheels, resembling a baby carriage, filled with information leaflets and small labeled seed bags.
Bowl filled with dried leaves and petals on a market.
Market stall with handmade clothes, jewelry and colorful floral decorations.

We met many old and new faces at the fair. We exchanged seeds, products, phone numbers and painted eggs. It was very nice. Thank you to everyone who participated! We will meet again on Saturday, May 6, with a raffle for the former school building.