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Tasting of old apple varieties

Four people at a market stall looking at and discussing apples. On the table in front of them are different varieties of apples.

Once again on the same table: Batul, Pónyik, Sóvári, Lemon, Boskoop, Golden Parmen, Bálint Török, Jónathan, Gravenstein, Hammerstein.

Many thanks to all who participated, helped, brought apples, tasted apples.

Supported by Arche Noah and Gen-etische Stiftung.

Hands of people at a market stall selecting and buying different apples. There are also books with illustrations of fruit on the table. There is a bustling atmosphere.
A table with different varieties of apples in baskets, next to them are books and information sheets about the apples. Each apple basket has a sign with name and information.
Two apples on white paper. On the left a green apple, on the right a red apple. The word "Sävari" is written in red. In the background a book.
Two apples on stony table. Paper with the word "Török Báli" in red. A red pen next to the apples. In the background a book.
Two people are looking at an apple. There are other people in the background.
A man is eating and a woman is looking at the many fruits. They are standing at a table with many apples and jars. Other people are also there.