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Tomato tasting and brunch - Mera World Music Festival

Various varieties of tomatoes on a table in front of a pile of firewood.

August 5, 2023, 13:00, Buffalo Studio.

Humus Association as part of the Mera World Music Festival.

Supported by Noah's Ark and the Gene Ethics Foundation.

Man with straw hat in front of a pile of wood and a table with tomatoes.
Table with brochures, books, dishes and some tomatoes against a background of wooden piles.
Table with various tomatoes, dishes and a large pumpkin in the foreground.
Woman at the market stall with different vegetables.
Woman at vegetable stand with tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables.
Woman at the market stall with many tomatoes and other vegetables.
Woman in green jacket holding a big red tomato is standing next to a red shopping cart in front of a shopping mall. In the background you can see cardboard boxes.
Three-tiered etagere with red and yellow tomatoes against a wooden background.
Long table with many varieties of tomatoes, bowls and pieces of paper. A person takes a tomato in his hand. In the background is a pile of firewood.