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Visit to the Biological Research Center and the Jibou Botanical Garden.

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A scientific project identifies, maps, characterizes and monitors old apple varieties in the Sălaj region.


5 trees were transplanted in the humus garden:

  • Sovári
  • Winter Sóvári
  • Lemon
  • London Pepping
  • Jonathan


The Jibou was provided with expert information (Dna, age, variety, etc...) and tips on tree care.


We talked about the importance of biodiversity and local varieties, the relationship between agroecology and science, and possible collaborations.


T H A N K   Y O U !

Tree branches with green leaves and blossoming pink flowers against a light blue sky.
A young tree with green leaves on a meadow surrounded by more greenery and trees in the background.
A bare tree in the foreground with thin branches, against a background of green trees and a meadow with yellow flowers.
Person uses a cordless screwdriver to attach a sensor to a tree.
A gray sensor attached to the rough bark of a tree.
White flowers blooming on the branches of a tree against a clear blue sky.
Different varieties of apples stacked in boxes at a market.
Sun rays shining through the branches of a tree, with the background showing a field backlit.