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A microscope image of a common bean. Part of the bean pod is visible, opened to show the beans inside. The details of the seed surface and surrounding fibers are clearly highlighted. The colors vary from white to various shades of red.

Garden bean

Phaseolus vulgaris ssp. vulgaris L. (var. nana / var. vulgaris)

Sowing: April, May

  • FamilyFabaceae
  • Variety"Rose", "Jacob's cattle", "Porcelain", "Goose liver", "From Sâncraiu", "From Sărățeni", "Malade".
  • Life cycleAnnual
  • Mixed cultivation Corn (Zea mays L.), pumpkins (Cucurbita ssp.), savory (Satureja ssp.).
  • Art of reproductionGenerative (seed)
  • Isolation distance5-10 m
  • Minimum number of plants (necessary to preserve the properties of the variaty)10-15
  • Germination capacity3-5 years
  • PollinationPredominantly self-fertilization
  • UseKitchen, Phytotherapy