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Garden orchid leaves presented in different shades of purple and green. Some of the leaves are completely purple, while others have green edges or veins.


Artiplex hortensis L.

Sowing: March; Almost forgotten kitchen plant.

  • FamilyAmaranthaceae
  • Variety"Reds from Săhăteni", "Greens from Tyrol".
  • Life cycleAnnual
  • Art of reproductionGenerative (seed)
  • Isolation distance100 m
  • Minimum number of plants (necessary to preserve the properties of the variaty)5-10
  • Germination capacity2 év
  • PollinationCross-pollinated, wind pollinated. Tends to self-seed.
  • Selection criteriaLeaf (size, color, fleshiness), ability to regenerate quickly after cutting.
  • UseKitchen, phytotherapy, Dyeing plant