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Three part collage of moon bean (lima bean) plants: Left shows a young shoot, center shows the stem with leaves, and right presents a single mature green bean close-up.

Moon bean (or lima bean)

Phaseolus lunatus L.

Sowing: April, May; runner bean; pod and bean moon-shaped

  • FamilyFabaceae
  • Variety"Buffalo from Meseșeni de Jos"
  • Life cycleAnnual
  • Mixed cultivationCorn (Zea mays L.), pumpkins (Cucurbita ssp.), savory (Satureja ssp.).
  • Art of reproductionGenerative (seed)
  • Isolation distance150 m
  • Minimum number of plants (necessary to preserve the properties of the variaty)10-15
  • Germination capacity4-5 years
  • PollinationCross-fertilization by insects (Self-compatible)
  • UseKitchen